Google Play Protect fails AV-Comparatives Anti-Malware Test

Google malware security for Android has failed a test.

AV-Comparatives is an lab which assesses options against malicious applications that are known.

For its Android test, security products were pitted by AV-Comparatives from Ten popular sellers against a test set of 3,601 malicious apps.

An Integrated safety solution is somewhat anticipated not to perform as Well as dedicated goods, however Google Play Protect dropped way.

The dedicated products All had detection rates of at least 99 Percentage, with Trend Micro exceeding 100 percent. Securion OnAv conducted the worst of their dedicated solutions, albeit still detecting 99.4 percentage of malware trials.

In comparison, Google Play Protects detecting only 83.2 percent. Furthermore, at an evaluation of 500 popular apps to detect false positives, Play Protect was the worst performer and erroneously flagged 28 programs as malware.

Google’s Play Protect doesn’t yet provide effective protection, AV-Comparatives concluded. The investigators recommend that consumers run third-party security software to protect themselves.

In Western countries, most people download their Android apps through The Play Store; that itself provides a rather large degree of protection. AV-Comparatives highlights the risk of disease is much higher in Asia states.

Many users in China do not have access to the Play Store and use Hardware rooted with privileges that can provide malicious programs greater access to personal data and also the ability to control the apparatus.

Perform Protect is great in supplying users a few built-in protection, but It’s clear Google still has a great deal of work to do before it is as capable as dedicated anti-malware solutions.

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