Why Do Programming Languages Use Frameworks?

For the same reasons your phone’s operating system doesn’t come pre-installed with every program on the app shop.

For example:

Frameworks are constructed with various dependencies.

Some frameworks require very specific versions of other libraries, which may be incompatible with the library versions used by another frame.

They are developed by various people.

To be able to consolidate all these projects into a single unified whole, you’d need to flip them into one organization reporting in at different levels.

It develop at a different pace.

If the core speech wants to release every six months, however some frame wants to release every 2 weeks, it wouldn’t be reasonable to force them to align to a single release program. Perhaps the speech releases more slowly because it takes longer to examine, so in the event that you release every 2 weeks, you’re perhaps sending shaky code. But every six months if you release, you might be needlessly preventing users from making use of new features of that framework.

This can be mutually exclusive.

If two frameworks both resolve the identical problem and are equally popular with different individuals (TensorFlow vs PyTorch, React vs Angular, etc.), how can you decide which to have in your terminology. Do you add both and confuse your customers about how they should go about performing some job. What if a person ends up replacing the other, or a framework that is brand new comes along and pushes at them both out. Can you drop the framework and include the brand new one. What does that imply for backwards compatibility in your language.

This could be bloated.

They can pull into tons of dependencies, drivers, software, and wind up costing you many gigabytes of disc space.  By way of instance, what if every app had to be an extra 5 gigabytes. How would you match them.

Decentralizing framework development is a great thing.

It means frameworks may compete, and the ones which are not very good can go away quietly, without affecting the long-term growth of this language.

And provided that installing a new framework is as simple as pip install anything , there isn’t any fantastic reason to bundle them together to begin with.

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